What is the best way to make an Egg Cream?

This is a hotly debated subject. Everyone agrees it should be made with chocolate syrup, cold whole milk and seltzer. The ration and techniques vary a lot. Take a look in our Recipes section for all sorts of ways people make egg creams. Remember, arguing about how to make a good one is a traditional sport.

Should you serve an egg cream with a pretzel?

The answer to this depends on where you grew up. The salt of a good pretzel stick provides a great contrast to the sweet of an egg cream. This is a personal choice, but it is fun to try it both ways.

If it has no egg and no cream why is it an egg cream?

The drink originated in 19th century New York City, and there are many stories about how it's name came to be. Some say it originally contained an egg. Others say it comes from the yiddish word "Echt" which means real or good cream. Still others say it was the product of a New York accent, turing a french drink name, "chocolate et creme" into a "Chocolate Egg Cream." No matter why its name came to be, the egg cream is a tradition of the American Soda Fountain that still lives around the country.

Does an egg cream have egg in it or cream?

Despite it's name, this drink made of U-Bet Chocolate syrup, Milk and Seltzer drink contains no egg and no cream. The original of the drink and its name is shrouded in mystery. Although there are only three ingredients, techniques vary tremendously and are one of the secrets kept by a master Soda Jerk.

Why National Egg Cream Day?

We are a group of independent soda fountain operators who are trying to expand the market for soda fountains to prevent the loss of the American soda fountain, and to promote it so it will expand in the years to come. National Egg Cream Day was selected because an egg cream is not only unique to the soda fountain, but is in the American consciousness due to films and media over the years despite that most Americans have never tried one. It is one of the many wonderful soda fountain drinks that can only be enjoyed at a true soda fountain. This is not only a celebration of the Egg Cream but a celebration of the soda fountain.

Pop Tate is the mascot of this event, why?

Terry "Pop" Tate is the owner of the soda fountain in the town of Riverdale where Archie and his friends live. For many people this fictional character is the only contact they have had with a true soda jerk, or a soda fountain. We thought it was appropriate that Pop becomes the mascot for this event.

Where can I get an egg cream?

Use our "Find a Fountain" option. If you know of a soda fountain that is not on the list, please let us know using the contact button in the top menu. We'll be happy to any them, and please ask them to join us in celebrating on the 15th.

Are there pop culture references about the egg cream?

There are a lot, with the obvious ones being the song "Egg Cream" by Lou Reed formerly of the Velvet Underground, and the egg cream scene in the children's book Harriet the Spy.

What flavors do egg creams come in?

Chocolate is by far the most popular flavor, followed by Vanilla, but any flavor can be made into an egg cream. Ray's Candy Store on Avenue A in NYC makes egg creams in over a dozen flavors, and all sorts of modern varieties with other flavors mixed in have started to be seen around the USA. The only limitation is the acid in the syrup. Some fruit syrups are too acidic and they curdle the milk. In theory with that exception, any flavor could be made into an egg cream.

Why pick March 15th to celebrate National Egg Cream Day?

The date is fairly arbitrary. We wanted a date that happened before the soda fountain season started so we could raise peoples awareness of the drinks of the fountain when we felt it would do the most good. It is also the birthday of the late Ben Chodosh, who owned an obscure and tiny soda fountain / Candy Store on Ave M in Brooklyn NY, right off Ocean Ave. We have a photo of his store in our photos section. This store is where Gregory Cohen, the owner of Lofty Pursuits and one of the organizers of National Egg Cream Day enjoyed egg creams as a child. Most soda fountain memories come from little independent stores that are only remembered by the locals who ate there. Ben Chodosh represents all of these little soda shop owners who at one time had, and who still have the small soda fountains around America that created the American soda fountain tradition. With the resurgence of the slow food movement, the soda fountain has started to grow once more into what it once was.



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